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11th March 1967 to 15th September 1967

Directed by Mike Mansfield the show would have different hosts each week, Pete Murray, Muriel Young, Tony Blackburn, Radio Luxembourg DJ Don Moss and Daily Express / Radio One journalist David Wigg among others.

Each week a pop star would go on location to ask members of the public which songs they would like to see performed on the show, then they would cut back to the studio to see the song performed. Each show would follow one theme, for example one show followed Adam Faith on a journey to Amsterdam, taking in requests from his taxi diver, the cabin crew and fellow passangers.

After the first two two Saturday evening shows it was moved to a regular spot on Tuesday evenings at 7.00 pm. It was netwokred on ITV from 9th May onwards, hoping to draw viewers away from the likes of Dee Time.

It must have been reasonably well regarded in the business judging by the acts that appeared, but despite a good prime time placement it didn't catch on with the public and was dropped after the one series.