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14th June 1968 - 30th August 1969

This show started off as an occasional feature of daily culture review show Late Night Line Up in June 1968, "Late Night Line-Up's Saturday diversion", but by September it was launched as a weekly show on its own, making it Britain's first colour pop show.

Featured acts played thirty minutes live (or singing live to the backing track) in the studio each week with occasional forays to the exotic location of The Fairfield Hall, Croydon. The final show featured The Fortunes, so it wasn’t entirely given over exclusively to progressive acts. This was the first show to concentrate on performing songs from an album, rather than just promoting the new single.

A compilation show was assembled in 1970 featuring Nice, The Small Faces, The Move and Fleetwood Mac. Produced by Steve Turner who would later produce the shows' descendent Disco 2.