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Tyne Tees
21st September 1974 - 28th March 1976
Plus a compilation 1st January 1977

Recorded at Tyne Tees' Newcastle studios this would be the channel's first serious attempt at a pop show since Gangway nearly ten years' earlier. They had enticed Cliff Richard to make the Sunday tea-time sermon with songs Life With Johnny in 1969 and the fearsome sounding Sing Out The With Settlers in 1973, but nothing that we could consider truly worthy. Which is odd since Newcastle wasn't without its own music scene but it took until 1974 for the North East finally got a show that gave the opportunity to promote local talent. Locals like Geordie, Lindesfarne, Bullfrog, Beckett, Ace, Lamplight, Fogg, Sandgate and John Miles all appeared in the first series.

The show followed a similar line to Granada's Doing Their Thing in which bands would play live, plugging their album, rather than a one song appearance for a single.

The first few editions of series one were hosted by Dave Lee Travis, then by Dave Cash, followed by local DJ Big Phil and featured appearances from Lindesfarne, Showaddywaddy, The Bay City Rollers, Mud, Shakin' Stevens and Sweet among the big names, plus a healthy roster of local bands.

The second series, beginning in January 1975 was hosted by Dave Eager, a club DJ who had worked briefly for Radio One in the early seventies as an occasional stand-in. Georgeie Fame, pub rockers Chilli Willi and the Red Hot Peppers, The Glitter Band, Hello, The Kiki Dee Band, Splinter and Hustler played alongside local bands like Highway and Jack The Lad.

The third and final series kicked off with Geordie legend Alan Price, followed by Glyder, Gallagher and Lyle, Andy Fairweather-Low, Osibisa, Procol Harum and finishing with another local legend John Miles.

The series was also broadcast by Thames the following day and later by Anglia, but was not networked by ITV.

Tyne Tees' TX45 in the late eighties would also explore the local music scene.