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10th May 1968 - 21st June 1968

Dusty's first BBC1 series debuted in August 1966 and had proved successful, as had the second, but her contract for a third series had not yet been agreed, so in effect became a free agent in Spring 1968.

ATV was planning back to back series starring Dusty, followed by the French singing star Mireille Mathieu and with no contractual obligation to the BBC Dusty accepted. However, she would return to the BBC the following year with Decidedly Dusty, her last TV series.

Shot at ATV's Elstree Studios, Studio D, the show followed the BBC format with songs, performed live with a small orchestra led by Jack Parnell, and music guests including The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Manfred Mann, Donovan, Julie Fleix and brother Tom Springfield.

TV Times gave her a two-page spread for the first show, but it hardly mentioned the series at all, concentrating instead on how she was furnishing her new apartment.

Although ATV, the show's producers, kept a regular space in the schedule for it, Friday evenings from 8.30 - 9.00 the show fell fowl of ITV's networking maze, with the rest of the network showing it on different days and time slots, but progressively each station dropped the show. The final programme was only shown by ATV, Rediffusion and Anglia.

No video or film of the shows are thought to exist, but the Jimi Hendrix Experience clip survives in partial form on 8mm film and audio recordings of all the shows were made privately by a fan.