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12th April 1970 - 24th May 1970

After her BBC2 series was over she was effectively promoted to BBC1 for a late night Sunday show with music guests.

John Cameron returned as the musical director, but this time around however there would be no room for other folk artists, just whoever was plugging a disc at the time, but still the quality of the guests was remarkable, especially as Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin was invited to perform White Summer / Black Mountain Side on one show.

In a moment worthy of an historical blue plaque it was during rehearsals for the first show that Renaldo Benson of the Four Tops showed Felix some lyrics to a song that he had started to write. She suggested that maybe he should show it to Marvin Gaye. The song became ‘What’s Going On’.

The series co-insided with her biggest British single hit, a cover of Paul Simon's If I Could. Thankfully there would be no distracting comedy this time.

The series was afforded a quick repeat later in the summer on BBC2, but there would be no second series, and despite several appearances on TV over the next two years it wasn't until 20th May 1972 that she was given her own show again, albeit a one-off, Julie Felix Sings on BBC1.