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Associated Rediffusion
8th June 1956 - 3rd July 1958

Filmed at the Palais, Hammersmith in London and hosted by Phil Tate it was an attempt to bring a little of the popular music dance scene to people's home every week. Each week there would be a 'Find The Singer' contest where a member of the viewing public could win £100. There was also a Lucky Spot Quiz and Jackpot.

However with the advent of rock and roll shows like Cool For Cats made it look a little quaint. Even though the show itself had finished, it's show-within-a-show feature Find The Singer was given a life of its own on Associated Rediffusion running from 27th February to 26th June 1959, with the winner receiving £1000 and a contract with Gala Records.

As archane as the show may seem now, the idea would be continued into the sixties with shows like Ready Steady Go and into the late eighties with The Hitman and Her.