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London Weekend
31st May 1969 - 2nd August 1969

From TV Times “Actor, singer, dancer, guitarist, booster of bread sales, the ever-zestful Joe Brown returns to his favourite scene tonight to guide you through a 45 minute romp into the world of pop.”

Joe Brown finally got his own Saturday evening variety show, courtesy of London Weekend, but it wouldn’t last more than a couple of months. Produced by Philip Casson, the show sounded like a Stars and Garters styled pub-based entertainment but was shot on an open stage just like any other variety show of the time. Harry Rabinowitz was the Musical Director with the Tomlin Boys and Girls providing the dance routines.

The debut show certainly covered all bases from George Formby impersonator Alan Randall to metal monsters Steppenwolf, but most of the guests from then on would be established chart acts.

The final show (2nd August 1969) seems to have been subtitled A Pint of Brown.