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A 1967 series from Ulster TV called 'Zoom In', conceived by Gordon Burns of 'Krypton Factor' fame, was originally planned to be two 'filler' shows called 'Zoom In' and 'Zoom Out' but was sufficiently successful to be given a run in the 7.00pm prime time-slot. Co-produced by Tony Eames, it featured both Irish showbands and visiting English artists with two regular go-go dancers and the studio audience. The show also contained comedy sketches featuring DJ Hendi (Michael Henderson).

From Wikipedia

Michael "Hendi" Henderson is a Northern Irish broadcaster, best known for his voiceover work on UTV and a weekly radio programme on Belfast-based radio station U105.

Henderson began his broadcasting career in the mid-1960s, working for the BBC Northern Ireland Home Service on various programmes, mainly as a presenter on a programme called Soundings. He became a well-known figure on the local club and disco scene, as well as a guest presenter for many BBC Radio 1 roadshows in Northern Ireland. In 1968, he made his television debut, starring in an Ulster Television music series called Zoom In, produced by Gordon Burns (later presenter of The Krypton Factor) and Tony Eames.

About the question "who devised Zoom In on UTV?" Well, er, I did! Brilliant wasn't it? Originally it was just two programmes to fill a couple of spare slots so I called them Zoom In and Zoom Out - pretty slick huh? They were deemed a success so a series followed in a peak 7pm evening slot. I hauled in my old East Antrim Times mate and very good friend Tony Eames to co produce, decided on Zoom In (rather than Out) as the permanent title and it proved to be a success. It was a sort of Top of the Pops style show. We featured Irish showbands like The Freshmen and visiting English groups ( I remember we had the Equals and the Foundations amongst others). There was dancing in the studio with Ulster's young set turning up in their micro mini skirts to shake it about. We only wanted the good-lookers near the cameras so we designated a "grot corner" to where Tony and I, watching on a monitor from an office, directed the floor manager via his headset to despatch all ugly women! (Would never be allowed to today!!). The programme also featured funny sketches written by Tony and me and starring DJ Hendi (Michael Henderson). It was the best fun in the world and ran for two series. Oh yes, and we also had two regular go-go dancers who did a slot each week - usually terrible but they had VERY short skirts and we shot it from VERY low angles. I have pics somewhere! Those were days of pioneering TV huh?



16th October 1968, 23rd October 1968, 9th January 1969 - 5th June 1969