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Produced by the legendary Muriel Young 45 was an attempt, and a solid one at that, by Granada to educate the tea-timers into the outer scope of the charts, new releases and forthcoming flops. This could also be construed as an attempt to put on a cheap pop show mostly featuring acts who were, chart-wise, second division. However the show got into the swing from the start with some big name acts, but when they couldn't appear dance troupe Stylus would be there to fill in for them.

The first series was titled "45" and was hosted by Emperor Rosko, however, Ayshea Brough, late of Lift Off, appeared on the second show to suggest some kind of continuity. Despite the success of Lift Off Westward, Ulster and Border were the only other ITV stations showing 45 at the same time as Granada.

Later series (also known as "Rock On With 45") were hosted by David ‘Kid’ Jensen, then host of Radio Luxembourg's Dimensions programme and later to host Top of the Pops, Tyne Tees’ Razzamatazz and The Roxy in the mid-eighties. Jensen would introduce acts from the Hardrock Discotheque set, while others would perform live elsewhere. Despite Jensen’s popularity, producer Young had considered continuing with Emperor Rosko. Talking to Record Mirror in July 1974 Muriel Young claimed "For the past three years we desperately been trying to make the television authorities aware of the need of an adult pop programme. This is just the beginning for bigger and better things." Dance troupe Stylus were replaced with Zigzag and would appear once or twice per show. ATV broadcast the second series the same time as Granada, while London Weekend viewers got to see the show as a part of their Saturday Scene morning strand.

Granada were unsure about the show and moved it from Thursday tea time to early evening, then moving it to Sunday afternoon, then back to Thursday evening again before letting it go for good.

The first series presented the remains of teen-glam with appearances by Slade, The Bay City Rollers, Geordie, Gary Glitter and the like while the 1975 series kicked off with Supertramp, Ace and The Pretty Things, suggesting that the album chart was being targeted.

Despite the best intentions the show failed to click with the audience, but was given a long run for its money lasting sixteen months before the plug was pulled by ITV the same time as The Bay City Rollers’ BAFTA avoiding Shang-A-Lang.

45 / ROCK ON WITH 45


4th April 1974 - 28th August 1975