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This website contains in diary format a list of appearances by popular music artists on British television from 1955 to the end of 1999. It probably would have been easier for you the reader if I'd just made a list of each artist and their appearances, and maybe at some time in the future I'll do that, but until then I feel it more appropriate in the historical context to list everything in chronological order. You will be able to see as music changes and progresses throughout the decades how television producers chose to represent this.
The role of working class inspired popular culture in Britain became more visible and more important, not just financially, but socially, and, so far, I've not seen anything that really tries to recapture our collective sense of enjoyment, and let's face it, television and popular music have been two of the most important aspects of British popular culture since the mid-fifties. So, firstly, it's my role to help remind you of your youth and what you were watching (or missed if you were watching the other channel), but secondly to help you share it with everyone else since, as you will doubtless be aware, most of the images that meant the most to us from the fifties to the late seventies no longer exist. I also hope to jog memories and assign dates to points in your life. This has been the most unexpected thing for me compiling this diary, I can now give dates to things that happened when I was a child as I can remember TV shows that day. Each decade will have an introduction as well as separate pages for each year, linked from the left hand menu.
Unfortunately there is no search engine facility on this site. I've been assembling this data since 1984 and all the data has been entered into a word processor rather than into a searchable relational database. Again, maybe this will be something for the future. Until then a simple CTRL and F on each page will have to do.
I hope that the information I've been gathering these past thirty-odd years helps get your memories into some kind of order and confirm some of the things that you had recently thought might have been misplaced or even imaginary. So sit back, pick a year, scroll down the page and wonder where your life went.
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