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19th September 1962 - 24th October 1962

A short run for Faith's only solo music series, supported by his band The Roulettes, singing group The Kestrels with orchestrations by Harry Rabinowitz.

Guests over the series included Helen Shapiro, Ottilee Patterson and and the then unknown Cloda Rodgers.

Faith had been a familiar face on British TV since 1957, even appearing on Six-Five Special with his skiffle group The Worried Men, but was the one of the last of that first wave of British pops stars to be given his own series. It was about half way through the series that the first single by The Beatles was released, an event which would determine what would happen to the careers of Faith and his contemporaries over the next few years.

Actor and ex-Drumbeat regular Faith had a couple of specials afforded to him by ATV, but this would be the only time he would lead his own show as a singer. However he would re-appear and a TV star later in the decade as failed criminal Budgie in the long running London Weekend series.

This series has also been seen as Adam Faith Sings Songs Old and New.