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Pop Music on British Television 1955 - 1999

A thirty-minute show which for once didn’t totally rely on the traditional jazz that other shows were still plugging at the time, instead focusing on the larger big-band style. ITV had promised that rock and roll shows were out, and this was further proof. It's also notable that the show was not made by ABC, who were responsible for the first wave of Saturday evening pop shows, but made by ATV.

Guest singers like Billy Fury, Jackie Trent, Danny Williams, Ottilie Patterson and Cleo Laine would appear each week alongside some of Britain’s finest instrumental jazz talent like Johnny Dankworth, Tubby Hayes, Chris Barber and Eric Delaney. Some trad still crept in from time to time like Kenny Ball, but by this time the trad fad was truly on its way out.

Initially given the title 'Like, Crazy Man', the first six shows were recorded in November 1961 with the first two of those featuring The Chris Barber Band with Ottile Patterson, The Dallas Boys, The John Barry Seven and Janie Marden, replaced by Garry Lane from the third show. Each show featured three bands who would have their own numbers to perform, but also playing one song as an ensemble. Likewise, singers would have their own spot and also with the bands. The idea was to have non-stop music with no introductions, a bit like Oh Boy! ATV had hoped to get Adam Faith to perform with John Barry, who had been his backing band for his early Parlophone hits.

Executive producer Alan Tarrant told TV Times in late 1961 "We feel that we don't really look after the youngsters' tastes in music enough and we think that this programme will do something to alter that. What we have tried to do is present an entire cross-section of modern music as it is played in this country. And we are not restricting ourselves to the top ten. We shall dig up some of the oldies, too, and give them a modern beat."

Produced by Rita Gillespie the show was initially set for six shows only, before being extended to twelve shows, then extended further to fifteen and then a further extension until May, and then till June due to the show’s popularity.



5th January 1962 - 29th June 1962