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6th July 1964 - 25th January 1965

A weekly series produced by Barry Langford which was an attempt to get both top forty acts and new comers playing live in the studio. The newly created BBC2 had been given the opportunity to attract a younger audience, and they came up with this Ready, Steady Go! clone. The studio itself looked like a copy of the Ready Steady Go! set-up with camera in view with lots of room for dancing. There was no host on-camera, but the voice of Pat Campbell was heard introducing the acts. Everyone performed live and played at least two songs. The first resident group were Wayne Gibson and the Dynamic Sounds, later replaced by Peter and the Headliners. A new talent spot The Beat Room Audition Slot was also a regular. The dance troupe was the Beat Girls lead by Jo Cook, also featuring Babs. Both would later appear in The Go-Jos and Pan’s People. Only one complete show is known to exist.