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A show with a faint whiff of Granada's Firstimers from a decade earlier as Breakers gave a platform for new talent without having to be judged by an ill-informed public or ill-tempered professionals. As usual, Muriel Young was on producer duty for this one.

From the TV Times "an exciting series of half-hour programmes introduced by Rob Jones in which one group or solo artist will be given the chance to star in their own show." The same magazine gave not only the obligatory listing, but also colour photos for the first few acts, but by the time that had got around to Alfapha in the fourth show their interest had run out.

Not all the acts were 'firstimers' though as Child and The Pleasers already had recording contracts, in fact Child already had a hit under their belt by the time their show was broadcast. Rosetta Stone had been signed to Private Stock Records and had big things predicted as one of the band had been in a later line up of The Bay City Rollers, while the fifth show featured Linda Fletcher, co-host of Granada's Get It Together.

Teri Scoble's dancers provided visual back up for some songs.

It looks like none of the acts got to star in their own show but several of the names turned up in Get It Together later in the year.



27th June 1978 - 1st August 1978