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TV Pop Diaries
Pop Music on British Television 1955 - 1999

A six-part series shot at Elstree for ATV with regular guests The Vernons Girls and The Shadows.

The shows were designed to appeal to all the family, not just the teenage girls that had made him a star. The archetype of the all round entertainer had been created while Elvis was away in the army and although the odd twangy guitar hit would be played once a show the good money now would be in light entertainment.

The Oh Boy era screaming had long gone and the smart suits were in. He found himself just as likely to be backed by Jack Parnell and his orchestra as his own band, The Shadows. No one was reaching out to grab him anymore, everyone just sat there and waited to applaud between songs. There would be an end of show rave-up as a reminder of what he used to do and that Oh Boy had ever existed.

The sly, sexy, older brother Cliff was now gone. He was now your uncle Cliff.



16th February 1961 - 23rd March 1961