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Cliff gets to play Hughie Green by introducing new talent. The first of two pilot shows was shown live from TV Theatre, Shepherd’s Bush, London. The show includes a whole raft of new talent, not just in the entertainment world with a sculptress and a wallpaper designer taking part. The show’s slogan was “He’s gonna make you a star”.

On a set looking a lot like Jim'll Fix It, Cliff tried to involve the audience to little effect. Among the backing singers were Vikki Brown and Pat Farrar, former singing partner of Olivia Newton-John.

The second pilot show had Cliff wearing glasses and introducing Pete Townshend's brother, Simon.

By the time the show comes back for a regular series at the end of 1975 the set design is a bit bigger, the glasses had gone and the comedy which was merely filler in previous Cliff shows was back, but this time he didn't have Hank Marvin as his sidekick.



13th September 1975 - 14th February 1976