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From TV Times "Sarah Ward and her guests take a look at the world around them - from films to football, astronauts to animals - There's plenty going on if you come here often!"

The predecessor to Thames' Magpie was broadcast on Tuesdays and Fridays and covered pretty much the same territory. Sport, fashion, pets, current affairs and some pop music chucked in. One special edition in 1968 saw George Martin and Alan Price judge a song writing contest.

The comperes were Sarah Ward and rugby player, commentator and This Week producer Cliff Morgan. Mick Robertson would replace Morgan towards the end of the show's run, but would re-appear in the seventies in Magpie. The Friday show was dropped in early 1968. The termination of Rediffusion's contract meant an end to the show after eighty editions.

A TWW leaflet from 1967 suggests that the working title for the show was Magpie!



4th July 1967 - 23rd July 1968