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15th October 1966 - 23rd December 1966

From TV Times “A chartbusting panel show in which top popsters compete to test their knowledge of the current disc scene and sing for their supper”.

A quiz show, following on from Southern’s Pop The Question, where pop stars were asked questions about current chart hits and would in turn promote their own. This was one of a series of pop shows to be directed by Mike Mansfield for Southern, later to work on Time For Blackburn!, Supersonic and continued to work up till the mid nineties on the independent production Cue The Music.

The hosts were the experienced presenters Muriel Young and Don Wardell, Young had just vacated her job at The Five O’Clock Club on Rediffusion.

Although a Southern production it actually debuted on ATV on 1st October 1966 and played on various ITV channels on different days, but lasted just one series.