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17th May 1972 - 9th August 1972

Ex-pirate DJ Dave Cash had briefly co-hosted Top Of The Pops, but despite the occasional TV appearance he never really became the television personality that his old radio partner Kenny Everett had become. He decided to take the matter into his own hands.

The Dave Cash Comedy Hour was made as a pilot in 1972 and featured actresses Hilary Pritchard (previously seen in Braden's Week), Tricia Gently and The Golden Shot's Anne Ashton as support acts while Chris Andrews and The Spectrum were the musical guests. The show found no takers, so after a re-think the idea of The Dave Cash Radio Programme came about.

A co-production between HTV and NBC, this version had Cash present the show from a mock radio station, a bit like All Systems Freeman. Eventually Cash would present the show from different locations, one week he would be presenting the show on board a plane, while another came from the Beaulieu Motor Museum. Hilary Pritchard was kept on from the pilot to play his secretary. The pop clips he introduced were also shot on location across the west country. Dana, Lulu and The Moody Blues would be filmed for the first shows.

According to the Internet Movie Database twenty-six shows had been prepared, but only thirteen were shown. It was sold throughout Europe, some of whom may have shown more editions than we saw here in the UK.

Other ITV stations like ATV, Thames, Tyne Tees and Anglia would pick up the show, but it was never fully networked.

The Dickie/Richard W Jackman referred to as co-producer and co-director was none other than Cash himself.

After the show finished many of these clips were later made available in 8mm home movie format and later on DVD under the Music Unlimited banner.