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3rd January 1959 - 28th March 1959

Launched as a replacement for The Six-Five Special, with the Radio Times referring to it as "The Six-Five Show", playing on Saturdays from 6:05 to 6:30 pm.

The resident group were Musician's Union band Bob Miller & The Millermen, while the host was ex-serviceman and Sandhurst Graduate Gary Marshall. It tried to copy Oh Boy! in terms of pace, but failed. Producer Francis Essex claimed at the time never to have seen Oh Boy! the show Dig This was meant to compete with. Complaints about the show seemed to suggest that it was big on noise, but low on energy and failing to attract the kind of rock and roll names in favour of Light Programme fare. However, it must have proved successful as it was announced in late February that the original thirteen week run was to be extended until the end of June. However, sense prevailed and it was taken off the air in late March.