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10th January 1970 - 25th July 1971

This follow-up to Colour Me Pop was introduced initially by Tommy Vance and featured acts playing live in a studio setting, the studio in this case being the vacated premises of Gerry Anderson’s Century 21 productions in Slough, Berkshire. When a band couldn’t make a personal appearance then specially made graphic clips were assembled, an idea later taken up by the series that replaced it in September 1971, The Old Grey Whistle Test. Richard Williams, who later hosted OGWT, was an interviewer on later editions of Disco 2 as was actor and Radio One DJ Mike Raven. The archive film clips that were used for album tracks and oldies were provided by Late Night Line-Up’s Philip Jenkinson.

Controversy hounded the final shows as the producer Steve Turner had been on the unfortunate end of a News of the World sting when he accepted money from the newspaper to allow the band Demon Fuzz to appear on the show in return for a £200 payment. The band knew nothing of the payment by the newspaper. Turner later confessed to the BBC and was fired. The show was dropped and gave way to the Old Grey Whistle Test

Possibly three complete shows are known to exist.