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1st November 1968 - 23rd April 1969

From the TV Times “Pop into the Discotheque where your hosts Billy J Kramer and the Remo, Ayshea and The Four Spots invite you to meet their guests.”

Hosted by Billy J Kramer, backed up by his band The Factory (later changed to The Remo), and regular ‘Disc Dolly’ Dianne Greaves.

Unknown and just signed bands were usually hired to provide the music, but it did include The Idle Race and Elton Johns (sic).

Ken Martyne provided the dance troupes Sons and Lovers and The Four Spots as he would do with Lift Off.

Singer Graham Bonney joined the show, hosting when Kramer wasn’t available, while Ayshea Brough joined the series on 19th March 1969, having previously appeared on the show plugging her new 45. The series would re-launch as Lift Off, then Lift Off with Ayshea.