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Pop Music on British Television 1955 - 1999

Jack Parnell, brother of ATV's Val Parnell, introduced a host of acts out to plug their new releases. According to the Daily Mirror each week Jack will introduce an old song which has been re-recorded, a record prediction, and a leading cartoonist will draw an interpretation of a hit record.

A pilot was played closed circuit at ATV's Highbury studios on 4th June 1959 and given the tentative title The Disc Show. Talking about the show to Melody Maker Parnell said "It will have not as many gimmicks or be as fiery as Jack Jackson's programme. But we have plenty of good ideas and we will shall set a fast pace."

The 5th August 1959 show had Jack Parnell introduce the acts from his sick bed, having missed the previous weeks' show due to illness.

Artists featured were The Jazz Couriers, Cliff Richard, Adam Faith, Lonnie Donegan and the usual coterie of British singers and jazz acts.

Although no complete shows are thought to have survived a trailer featuring Jack Parnell does exist.



24th June 1959 - 29th September 1959