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4th April 1959 to 29th August 1959.

A quick replacement for Dig This! Bob Miller and The Millermen were still resident, but this time joined by The John Barry Seven, Adam Faith, Sylvia Sands and ex-Oh Boy! regular Vince Eager. Hosted by Gus Goodwin from Radio Luxembourg and later Trevor Peacock, produced by Stewart Morris. This was the nearest the BBC would get to the fever pitch of Oh Boy, crowding the stage with as many singers and musicians as the camera frame could catch. Producer Morris had taken issue with Billy Fury learning the wrong song one week and decided to let him go, causing a problem between the producer and Larry Parnes. Just as Oh Boy made Cliff Richard's career due to his weekly appearances Drumbeat had been as influential to Adam Faith's career. For the definitive word on this series visit this web site