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18th August 1966 - 19th September 1967

Produced by Stanley Dorfman this was the BBC's response to Rediffusion's short series of mid-evening Tom Jones shows. Jones had been given the chance to host his own series of fifteen minute shows, not only proving popular with an audience but also proving that the new breed of singers could carry their own show. Cliff Richard and Lonnie Donegan had been given their own series and shows before, but the Jones and Springfield shows would be the first of the post-Beatles era.

The Dusty show would follow the same format throughout the two series, the host performs about half a dozen songs and a duet with a guest singer, plus there might be a guest comic or actor.

Spotting the success that the show had she took the opportunity to go to ITV for her next venture It Must Be Dusty, before returning to the BBC.