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4th October 1964 - 2nd June 1968

Former boxer Andrews already had a successful showbiz career hosting popular TV shows for the BBC like What's My Line and kids' favourite Crackerjack alongside boxing commentary for radio and television. Although he had a perfect broadcasting voice and was very popular with the public it wasn't until 1964 and a move to ABC Television that he was given his own chat show.

The late night Sunday show would attract a stellar list of celebrities, such was the respect Andrews attracted across all fields of sport and entertainment.

The show was transmitted live twenty-six weeks a year from Teddington or Manchester with each guest staying on the sofa after their interview was over so that they could contribute if need be, rather than disappearing as soon as their spot was over, while Andrews himself would only do the necessary homework on each personality and never met them backstage beforehand.

Most of the music guests were solo singers, but The Beatles made a live appearance on the 11th April 1965 performing both sides of their new 45, plus a chat with Eamonn, while the Stones pitched up in February 1967.

After ABC's weekend ITV franchise morphed into weekdays Thames Television Eamonn followed them hosting This Is Your Life and the early evening news show Today, which several years later would welcome in The Sex Pistols. Luckily, Eamonn was not on duty that night. Lucky for The Sex Pistols, that is.