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C4  / Keefco
12th April 1985 - 14th June 1985

Intended to attract the Kerrang! crowd, ECT was a feature of Channel 4's Tube replacement for the spring/summer of 1985.

ECT 'Extra Celestial Transmission' was taped at the Wembley Studios, London and produced by Keith McMillan's Keefco productions and invited the cream of British metal and hard rock. The show even had its own dance troupe Beauxartz.

TV Times didn't pull any punches when describing the second show, headed by Girl School calling them "a bizarre comic spectacle."

Everyone played live and loud and some of the unused clips from the show later turned up in a Channel 4 filler show Rewind in 1986.

Sadly the show was broadcast just before the introduction of NICAM stereo broadcasts in the UK, so no-one really got the benefit of the muddy mono sound.

The success of the show mirrored the success of the post New Wave of British Heavy Metal bands, but despite its popularity it never made it to a second series.