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A short lived Saturday morning kids show starring Junior Choice host Ed Stewart and his robot sidekick Zed.

Co-written by future West End reviewer Jack Tinker the show featured the human host trying to control the bad tempered robot. The voice of the 'bot was provided by Anthony Jackson who would later star in Rentaghost.

Each twenty minute show would pack in quite a bit of content. There would be Zed's Electric Kinema which showed clips from The Wizard Of Oz and several Disney movies, Ed 'the eminent expert' who would try to get viewers to solve a mystery while a pop group would play up to three songs each week. White Plains, Hot Chocolate, Mud, Sounds Incorporated, Wishful Thinking, Vanity Fare, Gulliver's People, The Freshmen and Herman's Hermits all trekked along to Television Centre to perform. The Bonzo's Roger Spear's Giant Kinetic Wardrobe also joined for the final show.

The show probably helped Stewart get his gig on Crackerjack some time later.



24th October 1970  - 19th December 1970