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31st October 1970 - 2nd January 1971

Everett and Director Bruce Gowers together drew up a format for the new series. It would feature musical guests like last time, but this time Kenny would be more involved in the comedy side than just merely linking the items. Each week one clip would see Kenny act out the lyrics on a hit song by playing the characters.

London Weekend gave Ev the early evening slot 6.15 - 6.45 pm with friends The Bee Gees booked for the first show, followed by Thunderclap Newman, Dave Dee, Harmony Grass among others.

Ev would now bring two of his Radio One characters to TV. Crisp the butler was still present, but now 'Granny' using Everett's voice would appear as a puppet held up to Kenny's head level by out of shot puppeteers, although they did appear in shot in one show.

The final show was broadcast 2nd January 1971, much to Everett's surprise. The continuity announcer at the end of the show says that next week in this time slot Ed Stewart’s show 'Stewpot' would be on. This would be the first Everett would hear about his being dropped by London Weekend. The remaining four editions of Ev, already recorded, would be shelved. Everett would claim later in the week “that’s showbiz”.

Kenny would work for London Weekend again a few months later when the weekly arts strand Aquarius asked him to film his take on London.