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20th October 1965 - 24th November 1965

Despite having many big hits in the UK, Australia and even in America in the pre-Beatles era Ifield hadn't been given his own television series, producers preferring him to appear as a guest artist on other shows. He was however given a series of specials for ATV on 1st September 1963, 26th February 1964 and a Christmas show Once A Jolly Swagman again for ATV for whom he would make many appearances on Sunday Night At The London Palladium. His one off special for Rediffusion in March 1965 would not lead to a series, but in October that year ATV finally offered him a short series of thirty-minute shows. Not only were his hit making days behind him, but this didn't create any new interest either.

Considering his British chart career was over by this time offering him a series appeared odd, but he was given a prime time spot of 9.10 - 9.40 pm. Backed by The Mike Sammes Singers, The Pamela Devis Dancers and Jack Parnell and his orchestra.