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BBC2 1st February 1965 - 24th May 1965
BBC2 31st May 1965 - 5th July 1965
BBC2 12th July 1965 - 27th September 1965

Produced by Barry Langford a replacement for The Beat Room. Named after Zooks, one of the dancers. The regulars were hosts Alan David, Christine Holmes and comedian Peter Cook, six piece dance group The Beat Girls (a leftover from the show it replaced), Liverpool singing group The Three Bells, The Mike Leander Combo, later replaced by Alexis Korner’s Blues Inc and the totally inappropriate Countrymen. By May producer Langford changed the title as well as format, taking it along the MOR path by employing Marianne Faithfull, singing a folk song each week, folk guitarist John Renbourne (later of Pentangle) and hiring Rog(er) Whittaker as a regular, as well as The Cuddle Pups, who were probably just as bad as they sound. It’s unlikely any copies of the show still exist, if they do it’s even more unlikely it’ll be a good one. By July the series’ name had been shortened to Gadzooks! and by September a new producer Nick Burrell-Davis was hired to take the series to it’s conclusion.