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More of a direct successor to Lift Off With Ayshea than any of the other Muriel Young produced Granada tea-time pop shows, Get It Together was squarely aimed at a younger audience. It even brought back the ever popular Fred Barker and Ollie Beak from Lift Off. Described by TV Times as "a pop and quiz show for kids" it was hosted by Roy North (‘Mister Roy’ from the Basil Brush Show), Linda Fletcher (a former New Faces find), and later joined by Megg Nicol. They would not only present the pop acts and promo clips but perform songs themselves, led by musical director Mike Moran.

As per usual with tea time pop shows, pop stars both big and small appeared on the show. Trying to reintroduce themselves to a British audience T Rex appeared on the 27th April 1977 show performing Soul of My Suit which probably gave the producer the idea of approaching Marc Bolan for his own show later in the year. The first series finished, giving way to repeats of the Bay City Rollers' Shang-A-Lang, which in turn gave way to Marc.

The show returned in December 1977 and although the show wasn't expected to feature anything like punk, it gave airtime to Eddie & The Hod Rods, Radio Stars and The Motors, but on 27th December 1977 there was a special, Get it Together with the Bay City Rollers, unwisely perhaps giving the show to a band who were at the time something of a cultural embarrassment.

On 11th November 1980 the show gave Britain it's first look at U2, later to become the world's biggest band.

In late 2017 Les McQueen of Creme Brulee mentioned that he had been on the un-broadcast pilot show, but this has not been confirmed.



6th April 1977 - 22nd December 1981