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ATV London
7th October 1967 - 30th March 1968

From TV Times "And welcome, gentle viewers. My name is Jonathan King. If you want to be groovy, and want to know why, if you want to be way out in advance, let me be your leader. Pops, films, theatre, books, politics even - it's all in here."

This would be King's response to Simon Dee's Saturday early evening chat show which had started several months earlier on BBC1. In an NME interview King boasted of having no other writers, nor would he be using a teleprompter, claiming Dee had employed both.

The show was recorded at ATV's Elstree studios, later home of The Muppets and EastEnders.

Declaring his intent to confuse and provoke his audience he included Yoko Ono on the first show, while The Jimi Hendrix Experience were to pop up on the second show, over a year before his more famous Saturday tea-time appearance on Lulu's show.

Other pop stars appeared, but not always playing live as expected, sometimes they were just there to chat to the host, like performer/composer Frank Zappa trying his best not to swear, while members of The Love Affair had admitted that, like The Monkees, they didn't play on their own records. It was King's desire to get something more controversial from his guests than just the expected PR script.

In Early 1968 ATV gave Good Evening it's own spin-off show Follow-Through which would take as its theme a controversial topic that had been raised in the show earlier that evening. By late February 1968 Southern's Time For Blackburn had taken King's prized tea-time slot, so it was moved to a late night slot where it would stay for the next month until its demise.

King requested that ATV keep a few interview clips to be archived and these are available on-line.