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Associated Rediffusion 19th September 1956 - 28th November 1956
ATV 12th December 1956, 2nd January 1957 - 30th April 1966

Character actor Haynes had been a successful stage and radio performer and after a becoming regular on ATV's Strike A New Note in 1956 was given his own series by London's Associated Rediffusion. However, it wasn't until his move to ATV that he became a TV Times cover star. The show would later be scripted by Johnny Speight who would create many new created many new charters with for Haynes with Nicholas Parsons as his straight man and Dermot Kelly as his sidekick.

Each show would have a musical guest, sometimes two, and as the show progressed through the sixties it would attract many of the biggest British pop stars of the day like The Rolling Stones, The Dave Clark Five, The Searchers among others.

Although the show wasn't broadcast in the USA Haynes himself made many appearances on the Ed Sullivan Show, and it was after one such performance in 1966 that he died suddenly on his return home.