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Pop Music on British Television 1955 - 1999

Australian artist and entertainer Harris had been a regular on British TV for a decade by the time of this, his only real pop TV entry. Harris had hits not only in Australia and Britain, but also America, even Alice Cooper covered his hit Sun Arise. But the mid sixties saw the hits trail off and he concentrated on TV work, mostly the tea-time slots.

Magic and puppet show Hey Presto had been running successfully since the mid fifties, but had been handed over to Harris and his name added to the title. Animation for the show was provided by Bob Bura and John Hardwick, who would go on to help create the Trumptonshire shows with Gordon Murray.

After a slow start with the likes of Acker Bilk and The Barron Knights it soon kicked into action with never to be seen again appearances by Marianne Faithfull, The Mindbenders, Georgie Fame, Yardbirds, The Fortunes, Manfred Mann, Zoot Money's Big Roll Band and a very rare UK outing for mod legends The Creation.



1st April 1966 - 30th September 1966