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Pop Music on British Television 1955 - 1999

High Jinks was the summer replacement for The Basil Brush Show and starred Tich and Quakers with their friend Ray Alan.

Each week the High Jinks Repertory Company would endeavour to put on a dramatic masterpiece, while they tried to teach us just about everything in It's Fun To Find Out.

Jazz trombonist George Chisholm would be a regular guest and clown, while pop acts of the post-psych variety like The Elastic Band (featuring a pre-Sweet Andy Scott), Vanity Fare, Chuckles, Sons and Lovers, The Casuals, Peppermint Circus, The Love Affair, The Elizabethans (who would later become Smokie) and The Whales were invited.

The BBC must have had high hopes for the show as it snagged the coveted front cover of the Radio Times for the first show, but as usual it's thought that nothing exists from the series in the archive.



20th June 1969 - 12 September 1969