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6th January 1964 - 15th June 1964

ABC had broadcast Hullaballo, featuring British and visiting American folk and blues artists, but strangely the BBC had decided to broadcast something similar just as Hullabaloo came to an end, ABC probably sensing that interest in the genre was fading.

The producers of the new BBC show went about hiring a regular group and build the show around them, and since it was being recorded at a jazz club in Edinburgh Scottish folk group The Corries Folk Trio and Paddie Bell were chosen with local and visiting acts added to each show.

Despite the nature of the venue it kept itself purely British and Irish folk and didn't invite blues, calypso or any other cultures, despite the promise from the Radio Times of "folk music from all over the world". However, later in its run Californian Julie Felix joined the show for several weeks.

An early evening spot would guarantee a big audience and a six month run suggests it popularity.