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24th September 1955 - 17th June 1959

From TV Times - "Jack Jackson introduces personalities, news and music from the world of show business in his regular Saturday night rendezvous from the Embassy Club in Bond Street, London."

Hosted by radio disc jockey Jack Jackson who had created a style of presentation that would later be copied by the likes of Kenny Everett where his own patter would be accompanied and / or interrupted by appropriate lines from comedy shows or songs.

The transition to television came naturally and the new late-night show was an instant success. Accompanied by regulars, who would later include Barbara Windsor, he and his guests would lip-sync a song, sending up the dance interpretation shows of the time like Hit Parade. Other guests would appear to plug their new release. A "Sing With The Stars" feature was later introduced.

Each show would neccessitate between 14-15 set changes which were all done live.