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18th October 1963 - 20th March 1964.

Scene at 6.30 was Granada's popular early evening local news show, but an additional late-night companion show was suggested, highlighting local and visiting artists, broadcast at around 11.30 pm for half an hour. It would be hosted by Bill Grundy and Michael Scott, while Johnny Hamp and Michael Parkinson had a hand in its production.

From TV Times "with a no-punches-pulled, hard-hitting, bang-up-to-date, look at today's big talking points. And what's new and original in music?"

On 27th November 1963 a one-off Late Scene Extra was shown from 11.45 pm to midnight. The Beatles were back in town and Gay Byrne was tasked with interviewing them in the Granada studio, in addition the boys to miming to I Want To Hold Your Hand and its B side This Boy. Liverpool comedian Ken Dodd had also been invited along and the result was the kind of off-the-cuff humour that pop stars didn't usually exhibit. Thankfully the full un-edited recording can be seen on-line.