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Presumably a follow up to Like Jazz, which had just come to an end.

The pilot show featured Jet Harris and The Brook Brothers and was shot at the BBC's Manchester studio, 10th September 1962, and having passed the audition the first transmission date of 31st October 1962 was booked, just as Adam Faith's series came to an end. The Northern Dance Orchestra were the resident backing band and booked for the first show were The Brook Brothers who would tape their clip at the BBC's Manchester studio on 5th October. The Tornados taped a clip on 16th October, while The Karl Denver Trio recorded one on 25th November, but wouldn't be seen until Christmas Day.

However, the show suffered a delay in transmission and the first show wasn't broadcast until 12th December 1962 with Radio Times promoting it as 'a new beat series', but at the same time giving it a 9.50 - 10.15 pm slot, past the bedtime of a lot of young people who would have been the target audience.

The show must have proved popular, or at least cheap to produce, as it was given an airing on Christmas Day 1962, albeit for twenty minutes, but a report in Record Mirror in late 1962 suggested that people didn't like seeing the Northern Dance Orchestra in suits.

The 3rd January 1963 show featured women singers and men singing about women as associate producer Geoff Lawrence predicted that there would be many female singers in the chart that year.

It provided its audience with the usual batch of singers and trad jazz bands, but only survived for four editions before being pulled.



12th December 1962 - 3rd January 1963