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From Record Mirror 6th September 1975

"Granada Television are currently working on a new pop programme, called Look Alive. The show, planned to run 13 weeks, will go out on full ITV network on October 14 at 4.25 pm. Pop star Stephanie de Sykes will hostess the series and it is planned to include top pop groups, as well as giving a break to artists who have as yet to make it. Look Alive will have a regular fashion shot, with top models showing the latest trends, like chamois leather, denim and Roller gear. There will also be a chat spot, which will feature people not so directly involved in pop music. An example is Michael Davis of the Halle Orchestra, who will appear in the first programme." According to TV Times there was also a career spot.

Taking the familiar tea-time slot, this Granada show, produced by Muriel Young seemed a bit of a mish-mash of ideas and it didn't return for a second series. Like Supersonic it featured a lot of glam rockers facing their first flop, but also gave time for Ayshea Brough whose Lift Off had finished a year before. Co-host Stephanie de Sykes had her first hit Born With A Smile On My Face with a lot of help from plugs on the daily soap Crossroads, and her follow ups were given an airing during the series.

The final show met with this comment from the Daily Mirror "ITV's frothy tea-time pop show LOOK ALIVE (4.25) comes to an end today. I doubt if many viewers will miss it. Stephanie de Sykes and Gordon Bennett, as joint hosts, have never quite looked at ease in this pretentious, slightly disjointed pop music-and-friendly-chat format."



14th October 1975 - 6th January 1976