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Pop Music on British Television 1955 - 1999

An intriguing prospect by the company that made The Tube. They noticed a gap in the market, Easy Listening. Despite Julio Englasias, Richard Clayderman and his chums selling millions of records the only outlet they had on TV was spots on chat shows, or the odd variety show.

Hosted by Radio One/Two DJ Paul Burnett it played for four weeks in late 1983. The newsdesk would be handled by the great Brian Matthew.

Show Producer Christine Williams told Music Week: "We are aiming at capturing the vast potential audience for softer music. The music will be MOR in flavour but broad ranging, crossing over into country, folk and jazz." Burnett added: "This area of music has been long neglected in television and has a huge potential audience", and Brian Matthew described the show as "the most exciting project ever to be presented to me".


Tyne Tees

10th November - 1st December 1983