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7th October 1969 - 11th November 1969

From Radio Times "Pop, Blues, Folk, and Whoopee! Alan Price introduces exciting musical sounds of today with Alan Price and Friends, Bob Kerr's Whoopee Band and featuring Fleetwood Mac in a regular spot aimed to give artists time to perform two or three numbers: not just to plug their latest single but to show off their own style."

Alan Price was offered the chance to host a new tea-time pop series, but this one would be different. Everyone played live and wasn't expected just to plug the new single. On one memorable show Slade, who had just changed their name from Ambrose Slade played while they were still in their skinhead phase. A confusion between their image and their sound would necessitate a change. Another show had Price perform a duet with Eric Burden, who as history would have it have never exactly been great friends.

Other guests included Pentangle, Duster Bennett, Shirley Collins, The Moody Blues, Magna Carta among others.

Trying to sell album bands to a tea-time audience was never going to work, but a it was a brave attempt.

A few days after the show finished BBC1 went into colour and maybe the show would have stood a better chance, but at least there was Top of the Pops.

Sadly, no complete shows seem to exist, however a few clips have survived.