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Despite Arrows not becoming the tea time telly legends Granada and Muriel Young were hoping for they were willing to give it another go with another band. The Moondogs had been signed to Warner's Real Records, home of The Pretenders and were expected to have a couple of minor hits at least.

They had made an impact on Granada's Celebration in 1980 performing Names and Numbers, while their next single would be plugged on another one of Granada's shows Fun Factory. That single Who's Gonna Tell Mary and Schoolgirl Crush would be played on yet another Granada show Get It Together in October 1980. It was almost like they were becoming Granada's exclusive property. They were back in Granadaland for the Christmas Get It Together, performing Schoolgirl Crush and Talking In The Canteen.

An approach and offer were made and The Moondogs found themselves stars of their own tea time TV series. Debuting in April 1981 producer Muriel Young had a tough job understanding their Northern Irish accents, so much so that they are told not to say too much between songs. "Those rich brogues helped us reach that decision. I often tell them to speak English which gets a laugh.”

Labelmates The Pretenders guested on the first show as did the reborn Slade. Roger Daltrey and Chas & Dave turned up for show two, another band on the comeback trail The Searchers appeared on show three, while the remainder of the series gave time to Suzi Quatro, The Boomtown Rats, Rockpile and promo clips of current hits by David Bowie, Goldley & Creme among others.

Each week the hosts would play their newest releases, but to no avail. Despite being shown across the whole of the ITV network they had no hits, made no appearances on Top Of The Pops and the band were not seen on network TV again.

Sadly they became one of the era's great lost bands. Their singles, one of which was produced by Ray Davies and their Todd Rundgren produced album have yet to appear on CD.



14th April 1981 - 26th May 1981