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8th September 1967, 16th October 1967
then 5th January 1968 - 23rd February 1968

Southern had decided to give producer Mike Mansfield the choice of one of two pop shows shows to turn into a new regular series. As You Like It, which had been running until the summer was one, while the Jonathan King hosted New Release would be the other.

The idea behind New Release would be for artists to come on, perform their 'new release' and for a panel of other artists, DJs and journalists to discuss it.

A one off show was broadcast in September 1967, with a second try-out on the 16th October, this time hosted by Tony Blackburn. Not only did the show get picked up for a series run, but Blackburn was also chosen as the favoured host.

Broadcast from from the station’s Southampton studios. It only ran for a few shows before being re-vamped in a new format as Time For Blackburn!