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1963 - 29th December 1965

Channel was the smallest of all the ITV franchises, yet it preserved its independence until 2017 when it was purchased by ITV. Their only real contribution to pop television history being this beat group entry.

Hosted by John Rothwell the programme interviewed pop stars visiting the islands, many of whom would have played at ballrooms like The Springfield in Saint Hellier. From surviving footage made available by ITV  interviews were done on location, but there was a studio set with other interviewers and contributors, so it's likely that live performances were recorded for transmission.

Despite the small locale the studio were having trouble getting fans to the studio on time, so in October 1964 the producers hired a bus to pick up fans and bring them along to the studio. Trains had been hired to take fans of Oh Boy! from the north of England down to London back in 1958.