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25th April 1964 - 5th December 1964

Hosted by Irish TV and radio personality Gay Byrne (the host of RTE’s The Late Late Show from 1969 to 1999). The mixture of “people - places - pops” became an early hit for BBC 2, providing an alternative to the afternoon of sport on BBC 1 and ITV.

A pilot show took place on March 28th with The Bachelors as guests.

The resident group were Tony Osborne and his Orchestra with a variety of pop acts appearing on the show which would vary in length from an hour to two hours depending on the day’s schedule. Two new movie clips would also be used, an idea that went back to The Six-Five Special and also used by Ready Steady Go! Fashion items were also included as they also were on Thank Your Lucky Stars. A hotch-potch of ideas from other shows, basically.

A list of the pop guests that appeared on this long-forgotten show seemed to rival anything that Ready Steady Go or Top of the Pops could offer, but typically very little of the show exists.