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It's over ten years' on from So It Goes and Granada producer Tony Wilson gives TV arts presentation another go with The Other Side Of Midnight, a locally broadcast show which co-insided with, or more likely inspired by, the newly emerging dance culture in Manchester and its artistic spin-offs.

Wilson had tried his best to spoil So It Goes with his quasi-political utterances between the songs, and this would be ramped up for OSM, but to be fair this time he would warn the audience in advance.

BBC2's The Late Show had began broadcasting at about the same time, offering pretty much the same fare. but that would be a Monday to Thursday event, while Wilson's show played Sunday and then Friday.

The best of what was going on at his own club The Hacienda and others around town would invited into the studios in Quay Street, Manchester. However, the show's agenda was arts in the north-west with the odd band. Thankfully the odd band would be The Happy Mondays, The Stone Roses, James, New Order and A Guy Called Gerald among others.

The show was superceded by The New in 1990.



19th February 1988 - 23rd July 1989