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TV Pop Diaries
Pop Music on British Television 1955 - 1999

A mainly studio bound show produced by Francis Essex with bandleader Jack Payne introducing singers and bands, with behind the scenes reports about the music business.

Payne, talking to Melody Maker a a few weeks before the show's debut said, "The series will really be a review of the whole record industry. Records are the focal point of the pop music world today, and we aim to present all facets of the business. This means that bands, show stars, singers, anyone in the record news will be presented. And I shall probably introduce American recording celebrities visiting the country." Talking ahead of the second series in September 1956 Jack Payne told the Melody Maker "We hope to occasionally bring in performers other than those who record pop music. We also hope to bring to the television screen some lesser-known recording artists, some of whom have not yet appeared in 'Off The Record' or, in fact, on TV at all." Taking over production for the second series was Bill Cotton Junior.

Each week the artists would be backed by the George Mitchell Singers, with music arranged by Stanley Black. A few skiffle and early British rock and roll acts crept into later shows.

A few clips including Alma Cogan and Max Bygraves exist.



11th May 1955 - 13th March 1958