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C4 / Straight TV
11th August 1998 - 14th July 2007

Putting a pop angle to comedy seemed to be a popular past-time for television producers in the 1990s. From Never Mind The Buzzcocks to CD:TV to TFI Friday pop and comedy were good bedfellows.

Initially the show would be a part of weekday's The Bigger Breakfast, but later proved popular enough for its own stand alone show which began Sunday morning 25th October 1998.

Hosted by June Sarpong and Marc Crumpton Planet Pop was a pop news / reviews show, similar to The O Zone but with a comic slant. The show would be a part of Channel 4's T4 youth strand, similar to BBC2's Def II.

However it was brought to an end and replaced by Popworld hosed by June Sarpong and Simon Anstell. A version of which ran until 2007.

It was announced in October 2001 that satellite channel Trouble TV had approached producers Straight TV to order a new series.